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Analytics360 – Stats In Your Dash

Posted on: August 5th, 2009 by Ben Bishop No Comments

MailChimp has very kindly released an excellent plugin that hooks into your Google Analytics account to display your website statistics in your Dashboard. Analytics360° also ties into your MailChimp account to track your newsletter / email effectiveness and mashes up this information in relation to blog post and newsletter frequency – brilliant!

n.b. You do not need a MailChimp account to make use of this (but its recommended!)

From a client point of view, I have made a decision to include this with all my future client installs of WordPress and have begun using this on EminentStyle.com.

From a technical standpoint, your hosting must support PHP5 for the plugin to work.

Analytics 360 - website stats in your WordPress Dashboard (courtesy of mailchimp.com)
Analytics 360 – website stats in your WordPress Dashboard (courtesy of mailchimp.com)

Creative Pitches – An Unpaid Necessity?

Posted on: June 13th, 2006 by Ben Bishop No Comments

Andy Budd has done a thought provoking post covering the advantages and disadvantages of creative pitches to potential clients and whether they should be chargeable. Certainly in the current market it is expected that creative pitches should include examples of work potential ideas and the cost should be consumed by the agency.

Creative pitches cost the industry an average of £38,000 per year which for a small agency is undeniably a large cost to swallow. Unfortunately the client expects these and, unless you are fortunate to gain work on based on reputation and resume alone then, it is unavoidable. While these costs are inevitably absorbed and reflected in the price of each project I do think it is a necessity and perhaps budgets should be allocated to take these into account. It is a form of advertising and promotion, albeit concentrated on one client, so perhaps this should be properly accounted for and by doing this refine the process to make it as economic as possible?