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An HTML5, WordPress based online security blog using media queries to optimise it responsively for the device its viewed on. Julian Evans Blog is a custom theme utilising Eminent Style’s framework adhering to current web design best practices and standards.

Protect your Profile and Internet Status – Julian Evans aims to show you simple ways to protect your online and offline identity.

  • Julian Evans Blog is a responsive site

    Julian Evans Blog is was designed to maximise reach across the desktop, tablets and smartphones.

  • Julian Evans on a desktop

    The site was designed as a go to resource for all online security concerns with most popular categories and social media baked right in.

  • Julian Evans Blog on the iPad

    Optimised for mobile devices the site automatically resizes for the device its viewed on.

  • Julian Evans Blog on the iPhone

    On smartphones the most important information is prioritised using media queries to display optimally on the limited real estate available.