GMT Recruitment

A responsive WordPress based website with a custom theme, GMT’s site is┬ádesigned work brilliantly across all devices. Created from the ground up with Eminent Style’s custom WordPress skeleton theme, the GMT theme absorbs many of the web design benefits from HTML5 Boilerplate and cleaner markup by incorporating the Compass css authoring framework.

GMT Recruitment Ltd is an established recruitment consultancy focusing on the provision of finance, accounting and analytics staff into commerce and industry.

  • GMT Recruitment, a responsive website

    GMT Recruitment works flawlessly on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

  • GMT Recruitment on the desktop

    GMT on the desktop designed to make use of much of the real estate.

  • GMT on the iPad

    GMT uses the latest web design techniques such as media queries to optimise and scale the site on tablets such as the iPad.

  • GMT's iPhone Layout

    GMT's full iPhone layout demonstrates the revised navigation select box.