How To: Fix Windows Vista Help (Dreamweaver 8)

Posted on: July 14th, 2007 by Ben Bishop No Comments

Applies to: Dreamweaver 8 and Windows Vista (possibly other xml editors / versions of Dreamweaver).
A short while after installing Vista I discovered the operating system help section was broken. I was getting the following message:

Internet Explorer cannot download / from windows.

I assumed this was due to me being an early adopter and a Microsoft would release a fix through Windows Update.

It turns out I was wrong and in fact it was Dreamweaver 8 that I installed and this caused the problem. By default Dreamweaver 8 associates itself as the default editor of xml files and this in turn causes some sort of conflict with the help system. Dreamweaver 8 was release some time before Vista though so I don’t expect this problem with the latest release, Dreamweaver CS3.
To fix this issue, Adobe have released a registry fix which is incredibly easy to use. Download the file from here and extract the files, then run the enclosed file (DW8_Fix_Help_and Support.reg) to fix. You will need administrator rights to perform this action.

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