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Posted on: September 30th, 2006 by Ben Bishop 389 Comments

With a reported 230,000 signups a day MySpace is more than just an internet phenomenon, a phrase that is banded about far too lightly these days. The social networking site started in back in 2003 by Tom Anderson, has grown to such an extent that it was acquired by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation for a figure in the region of $580 million in 2005 and the 100,000,000 user signed up in August 2006. A figure thought of as inflated at the time, the current valuation is considered to be nearer a cool $1 billion!

With such success they are clearly doing a huge amount correctly; enabling people to keep in contact easily with the ability to post photos, video and music it has quickly turned into a successful marketplace for aspiring musicians and film directors.Where MySpace fails is how difficult it is for the everyday user to create an attractive site that doesn’t give their audience a head ache after 5 minutes.

MySpace Overlay

Well here’s my first approach to offering something back to the community and hopefully the sanity of some of the 100 odd million users. Welcome to ‘Seloquent’…. something along the lines of a simple and eloquent design that hopefully demonstrates some of the potential for making MySpace a little less hectic and refined. You can check out Seloquent in action on my page at MySpace.

Seloquent is a MySpace div overlay (or myspace hack) that effectively lies over the top of your page, while still displaying the information to your friends that your want them to see. Including the ability for people to drop you a comment, it should hopefully be a pretty painless way to spruce up your MySpace page for the princely sum of nothing, gratis, FOC or in other words nothing!

Quick Instructions.

This is a quick version of the installation instructions required to install this overlay. Please read through all the instructions included with the download as well and post any problems you have below. I will try to answer all of them though this is distributed without any warranty.

  1. Download the Seloquent zip file below.
  2. Copy the contents of the ‘aboutme_css.txt’ into the ‘About Me’ section in your profile, making sure to erase everything that is already there.
  3. Copy the contents of the ‘idliketomeet_html.txt’ into the ‘I’d like to meet’ section in your profile, making sure to erase everything that is already there.
  4. Alter all references of ‘YOURFRIENDID’ with, yep you guessed it, your actual friend ID.
  5. Edit the appropriate sections to add your information.
  6. Save your profile.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License. Woa, that sounds serious, what does this mean? Well you can use it, modify it and distribute it but you must continue to have the small print section at the bottom linking to this page or website. At the very least there should be a clear link to this page displayed in this section.

Download Seloquent Div Overlay

Download Seloquent 290307

Version 1.3 of Seloquent

Custom MySpace Div Overlays

For more information about having a MySpace profile designed exclusively for your band, group or personal ‘myspace’ page, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Versions / Changes

Version 1.3 (dated 290307) another small alteration, adding the CC licensing information.

Version 1.2 (dated 020107) a small alteration to the readme file and the ‘Idliketomeet_html.txt – only nessesary to ‘upgrade’ if some of the links at the top of the page are not working.

Version 1.1 (dated 281206) update that fixes an issue with the comment box at the bottom of the overlay. Thanks to Cmoney in the comments for bringing it to my attention. See my follow up comment for those who want to edit the single line of html rather than download the new version and make all the customisations again.

389 thoughts on “Seloquent – Free Myspace Div Overlay

  1. Richard Savil says:

    Hey thanks for the layout but I am having problems. When I view my profile there seems to be an issue with some text at the top. Also the layout seems a bit scewed off to the right… Any ideas.

  2. Hmm, without seeing your page it is difficult. Try deleting all the text in your ‘about’ section and ‘i’d like to meet section’ and reinserting the code I provided. If there is anything left in when you paste the code it can cause problems. Let me know.

  3. is there a way for pictures to still be displayed? maybe in that large blank space at the top by the name?

  4. one thing i think that would be great, is at the top where your name is…and there is alot of empty space…in there work a flim strip looking pictur deal with maybe a place for 3 or 5 smaller size pictures….any ideas on how i could do this?

    This is really a great layout, by the way.

  5. @Adam

    Thanks, I am glad you like the layout.

    How would you need to pictures to be displayed? As a feed from flickr (or another photo sharing site) or as static pictures that don’t change?

  6. thanks for the layout! i was reading comments, and am really curious as to how i can display a picture or two or three in that large gray space at the top of my page. i just want static pictures that don’t change. one would be good. anyways thanks alot for the overlay! everything displays perfectly after a few text editing. thanks! -charlie

  7. @Charlie

    Great, I am pleased you appreciate it. Can you let me see what you have done with it and let me know how you want the image at the top?

    Do you want one image filling the header?

  8. hey. I love your layout, and spent like an hour editing it to my liking (info and stuff.) BUt I was wondering, how would i replace the huge gray (color 666666) area at the top to a picture? I was plannig to make it basically a similar gray area but with whit swirls and stuff. thanks. you can email me if you want.

  9. @James

    Adding an image to the ‘header’ section should work fine. First up create the image in photoshop, resize to within 760px x 280px (the dimensions of the header section), save it as a jpg and upload the file to a hosting site like Photobucket. Then add the image to the overlay by inserting image tags like following within the ‘header’ div of the overlay,


    Finally save the changes to your profile and away you go. You may need to play with the margins and padding of the headings (h1 and h2) with in the header div to align it up properly.
    Good luck.

  10. thanks alot. look at my myspace in a couple of days and it SHOULD be pretty cool.

  11. oh. and the other thing is that there is no link for MY PICTURES. so i need the code for a link to that page. I’m an idiot with html.

  12. If its a link to the photos you have uploaded for other people to see then its something like this…..

    This code should all be on one line and surrounded by anchor links as you would normally use for a link. You should replace the Your_friend_id with your actual friend ID. Hope this helps.

  13. I love this overlay!

    I’ve tried adding photos to the top section but I haven’t been able to fix the heading…I changed the h1 and h2 values but it didn’t appear to do anything. Any ideas?

  14. @Ange

    Really glad you like it!

    You need to make the following changes to the code that you pasted into the ‘About Me’ section in your profile.

    Find the section that begins ‘.header’.

    padding:0 30px;
    .header h1
    padding:199px 0 0;

    These 15 lines of code (css) need to be deleted and replaced with the following lines of code.

    padding:0 30px;
    .header img
    padding-top: 30px;
    .header h1
    padding-top: 10px;

    This will space out the image, increase the height of the header and move the headings back to the right place.


  15. Thanks Bish, it’s looking better already. I’ll change the image a little when I get time and then it should be good to go =)

  16. HI. How can I implement a div overlay into a band’s profile? As you know there are no “About Me” or “Who I’d like to meet” categories in a band profile. thanks

  17. @Emmett

    You need to put all the code in the band bio section. The trouble is with the bands music player but this can be sorted. Let me know if you are interested in having a professionally designed band page produced.

  18. Hi! Thanks for the layout, but I have one question… If I like put in the grays tables a pictures, how I do it?

  19. @Yoyo

    Sorry where do you want to put the picture? In which part of the layout?

    Check out Ange’s layout above and see what she has done there, is this what you mean?

  20. I make an example, I hope that you can understand it because my english is too bad …xP

  21. I think I see what you mean. You need to set the background to use an image.

    For example in the .heading css found in the ‘I’d Like to Meet’ section you would need to add something like the following.

    background-image: url(;

    Obviously changing the image path to the place where you have uploaded this to. This will take some playing with though and experience of css and html is essential. Good luck.

  22. I really like your overlay… i made a few changes to the colors… im a colorful person and i had a lot of info to put in the about me section and the music section so i put in little scrolly boxes however…. one problem it overlaps with the original profile… like my myspace without a layout period and the overlay… its kinda weird… anyway i can fix this?? check it out if you need to this is my favorite one so far and i really wanna make it work so any help you can offer would be grrreatly appreciated danke! lol

  23. Hey Holly, glad you like the layout.

    After briefly having a look at your html, your problems stem from the


    section. You are missing


    after this section and before the


    div. This sorts out your layout mostly. Then take a look at your links again in the content-linkages section – they don’t seem quite right.

  24. Hey man, we really dig what you are doing with the whole overlay movement. We were wondering if you would like to be interested in making an overlay for us. It would be totally kick ass.. If this could maybe work out plz don’t hesitate to send us a myspace message

  25. @Minor Miracle

    I will send you a MySpace message.

  26. Does this work on Band Profiles as well?

  27. hey man, i’m messing around with this and when i go to post a comment from my other profile it says “can’t post blank comment”. any idea why? this is what i have:



    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  28. oh, my bad.


  29. sigh, obviously it’s not wanting to work for me. if you could email me, that’d be awesome.

  30. @ Chris
    I would need to see your profile to be able to work out the problem.

    But, 9 times out of 10 if you go back to your sections and delete all the code and repaste again (changing the ID) it should solve the issues.

  31. @Tal,

    No its not set up for band profiles but with some changes it could be adapted. If you want a professional Band profile, give me a shout and we can work out the details.

  32. i got it, i had to change some stuff around. thanks for your time.
    great overlay btw.

  33. @Chris,

    No problem and I am glad you like it! Spread the word!

  34. Has anyone figured out a way to add the comments area at the bottom in a scrollable box?

  35. Hey! Love the overlay and all my friends like it. But i keep getting that “Error: You can’t enter a blank comment.” By any one who sends me a comment. Any idea’s?
    I have the stock code but with my ID of course! Am i missing some thing??

    Thanks Bish!!!!

  36. CMoney,
    Glad you like the overlay. To fix the blank comment issue your need to alter the following. Around line 72 of the ‘I’d Like to meet’ section you will find the comment area of code.


    needs to be changed to


    This should fix your problems. Alternatively download version 2 from the link above where this issue is fixed. (Don’t forget to make a copy of anything you are about to change so you can go back if something goes wrong.)
    Thanks for bringing the ‘bug’ to my attention.

  37. I havent really looked making the comments area a scrollable box but I am sure its feasible. Good Luck!

  38. Getting closer!
    Now we are getting “Invalid Friend ID.
    This user has either cancelled their membership, or their acccount has been deleted.” with the new code that has been swapped out. I will DL the files one more time and try it.

  39. @Cmoney

    In the comments area in the I’d like to meet section you have errors in the following line.


    The ‘name’ part needs to literally equal “friendID”. This is a MySpace variable if you like and should never be changed from “friendID”. Now, the second part for the ‘value’, this should be your friendID, at the moment that has my friendID in it.


    This is how that line should look, this will then work properly. I have updated the instructions in the readme to reflect this. Good Luck.

  40. i have a div layout….okay everytime i click on something in the navigation section it says Invalid Friend ID.
    This user has either cancelled their membership, or their acccount has been deleted. —can you help me!!!!

  41. @Jazzie,

    Is this my div layout? Have you read through all the instructions and changed the references of ‘YOURFRIENDID’ to your own actual friend ID?

  42. When I write stuff in my “About Me” section, it bunches things together. For example, one one line I would write something, and then hit enter to go to the next line to write something else. But when I save it and preview my profile, it’s altogether on one line right next to each other. I’m new at this whole html editing thing. Can you help me out?

  43. I’m having quite a hard time putting a image here.

    I just can’t figure out placement code. -.-

    Any help would be awesome!!

    P.s-Thanks for offering the great profile. I hope you don’t mind me changing the small print. πŸ˜›

  44. @ Layla

    Without seeing your code it is difficult to be sure what you mean.

    At the end of each line you want, try putting br surrounded by <> when you want text to ‘break’ onto the next line. Alternatively put p surrounded by <> if you want a whole new paragraph.

  45. @Tony

    From your picture you are looking to add an image to the header. Your would need to add the image to the header section in the code.

    You would then need to play around with the css and the positioning. See my replies to Ange’s comments above about the changes to the AboutMe code supplied. I hope this helps.

  46. @ Bish

    Ya, I saw that code and was able to work with it. I just can’t figure out how to make the image align to the left side of the header. : /

  47. @Tony

    In the ‘aboutme’ section try adding the following at the end of the file:

    .header img
    float: left;

  48. I love you!!!!!

  49. @ Catrina

    ….erm? Thanks πŸ™‚

  50. i gotta say this div overlay is outstanding. i know holly made a comment erlier about still seeing their profile under the overlay and you had a fix for it, but i am still having the same problem. i actually deleted everything and just copied your code verbatim to my page with no changes and still does the same thing. its also the code just above all the comments, “package icon” i just downloaded it and copied straight over so i know there cant be any bad entries. thanks

  51. @DJ

    I have just taken a look at your profile and you are exactly right. I was thinking it may have been a internet explorer problem but that doesn’t seem to be the case as my profile displays correctly in IE.

    Off the top of my head, I don’t know whats causing the problem but I will have a look in more depth tonight.

  52. @DJ

    I think you may have something in your orginal mySpace profile that is causing a problem. It looks as though the section titled ‘Dj Jester Pezz’s Blurbs’ has a really wide heading for some reason. Is there a lot of text in there? Can you remove it?

    Good luck anyway.

  53. it wasnt the blurbs section, no text, although i was beating by brain on where i could have had extra code but, turns out that some of the pictures in my comments were to big and makes myspace expand even though the comments section is removed with the div code it still retains the window size for some reason. so after deleting comments with huge picture comments i was finally able to get it to not show behind. i also added some more code to change background picture on the top area stuff so when all of you have a chance, .
    Thanks Bish! this Div Overlay is “Clean” very Blogesque.

  54. I love this overlay, but I am looking to take out the third DIV (the box with your interest, movies, etc). How can I do this? Thanks!!

  55. @ Jarrod

    The simplest solution would be to add a single line to the about me section (the CSS). Find the ‘.content-b’ (without the quotes) and add the following line.


    This will effectively remove the section you require, although in fact it is only hiding the section. Good luck.

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  57. Hey,

    Thanks a lot for putting this up, it’s amazing and it’s really interesting to see what can be done to myspace with a little effort.

    I’ve been trying several overlays lately and this is the one I’m really having trouble with.

    No matter what I do I can’t seem to get my old profile out of sight. On my screen (running firefox) it looks perfect, but everyone I’ve asked has said it’s horrid looking and can see my old profile underneath all the boxes.

    I have completely wiped all of my info, about me, interests, blah blah, I’ve done fresh installs of it over and over and even then before I even mess with the stuff it’s not overlaying correctly.

    Any tips/help/input? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks again.

  58. @Tyler,

    Thanks for the kind words. Its difficult to see what the problem is at the moment as you don’t have the profile up at the moment.

    At a guess though, if you have cleared everything out, info, aboutme etc then its probably a rougue comment. What I mean is it will be a really big comment, like a wide image, that is throwing everything out. Have a look through and alter or remove any comments that are likely to be wider than the page. This should solve the problem.

  59. So my myspace got phished and everthing that was on my myspace besides the comments/ friends got deleted and I’m trying to get my new layout to work. It’s a tiny layout which I’ve tried to use several times in the past but I always have the same problem. When I put in my code everything on the right side is really wide like my comment box, friends list…just everything on the right side. How do I fix that???

  60. @Jessica,

    Is this my div overlay that you are trying to use or someone else’s?

  61. Hey, I’ve been using you CSS/HTML layout for quite some time now. I’ve added my own graphics and such and it has been great for my ongoing creative outlet that I put into my myspace page.

    I really am quite terrible at coding though.

    I was wondering if you could help me (if possible) with code to add another section in between the “.content-a” and “.content-b”? I tired with what I think I know about css/html. haha, but alas… I failed.

    Greatly appreciated,

  62. @Tony,

    Really like what you have done with the page, you have really added a personal touch which was what I hoped from the overlay.

    Providing you add my link back to this page or my website, as required by the readme file included with the original download, I will give you the code to add the extra section. Can’t say fairer than that.

  63. Sure. I think I asked along time ago if it was cool if I changed the “small print” section. I didn’t know about a readme file, is that new?

    Anyway, I would be glad to link to this page.


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  65. Hey was just wondering about the code for a extra section. Just haven’t seen a response in a while.


  66. @Tonay,

    You are absolutely right, must have slipped my mind, I have been a bit busy recently. πŸ™‚

    Ok, depending on what you want to do this could be quite easy. All the code with the overlay is written with css classes which means that much of the html can be reused on the page as many times as you would like.

    So….. if you wanted another section like ‘content-a’ then simply copy and paste the html code (only in your ‘I’d like to meet’ section), changing the content accordingly. Likewise, if you wanted another ‘content-b’ then just copy and paste the code and change the content again.

    Any problems then let me know.

  67. Hmm, I think that will work. Just one question.

    I have the background image in the CSS code. So how would I got about changing the background image of the new section I just added, without changing the other one as well?!

  68. @tonay

    I will email you the code changes.

  69. greetings —

    i’m creating a div overlay currently, and as this is for a band profile — i am seeking the solution to the standalone music player.

    currently, the friend name: rondaniella is the usual myspace css. have created a “test” page, with the eddress of:

    goal is to place the standalone music player i already have [per /rondaniella] to the right of the “about me” container.

    hopefully this “makes sense”. please advise when you can.

    many thanks in advance,
    hatakni ‘ron

  70. @hatakni ron,

    I am not quite sure what you mean. If you are looking for a custom mySpace profile then contact me using the contact form at the top and I can provide more information. Thanks.

  71. what do i do when i can see my old layout underneath this one

  72. I’m having the same problem as mark.

  73. @Mark and @Jaime

    You guys need to send me links to the pages and I should be able to work out what is wrong for you.

  74. Here is the link to my page ( thanks Bish!!!!

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  78. @jaime

    Your profile is set to private and I can’t view it. Add me as a friend or something?

  79. Sorry about that. I have added you and have made my profile public.

  80. I copyed the exact code to where it told me too and i see everything but i also see the old page i had behind it. am i missing something here?

  81. Thank you for this awesome layout my friend! I had the same problem that Tyler was having (Rouge Comments), and thanks to your response, got it to display correctly in IE.

    I don’t see a paypal link on here… I can’t give a lot, but would be willing to leave a donation for your work!

  82. Nevermind…. i don’t need the help anymore.

  83. omg, i finally got the positioning! This template is awesome. two small requests,
    1. how can i place a box for my friends list?
    2. and add comments at the bottom?

    I tried inputing the viewmorepix code but that didn’t do anything for me.

    here is my site.

    picasa is pretty cool and easy to embed at the top… (the IE issue we were having with seeing the original bg… i had to delete comments that had large images) now it looks good in both.

  84. I, like Vishal, am seeing the old page behind the new one. Any ideas?

  85. Edit your comments and delete all the comments that have BIG pictures… my first guess. This should reduce the bg width.

  86. Thanks Shawn, i was having that same problem!!! Very helpful.

  87. Thanks Shawn.

    Yeah, 90% certain that is what is causing the problems. Some of you have wide videos and images in your comments that push the original page out wider than the overlay. Delete these and your should be fine.

  88. Hey man
    awesome overlay
    just onwe thing ive done it all sorted all the parts out but the comments box is in a really awkwards place and i cant seem to move it
    recknon you could help πŸ˜€

  89. @Ryan

    I have had a look at your site, you are missing some of the code and that is what is breaking the appearance. Repost the xhtml code and you should be good to go.

  90. Quick question: Is it at all possible to have your comments display to the right of the comment box? resizing the comment box wouldn’t be a problem, just don’t know if there’s a way to have them displayed there?

    *Would most definitely still leave a link to your work*

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  92. i don’t know what i did but mine is really! messed up. heres my site


  93. Bish, Love it! The best layout around – so glad I found it. It’s awesome to see how responsive you are to issues, as well.

    I have a modification question: How can I put a link to my photos and friends next to the “About (Timbo)” title, and in the same style and spacing as the nav. buttons? I have the link portion down, but can not get the placement correct. Any code you can share to do so would be much appreciated. Also, in the “comments” section I have changed the user id, but receive a deleted user message when submitted. Thanks!

  94. @Drew, yeah the comment box could be resized but displaying the comments is the really tricky part.

    @Hasty, your profile is set to private. I can’t see it.

    @Tim, someone else has commented about the problem above. Here’s my reply,

    “In the comments area in the I’d like to meet section you have errors in the following line.


    The ‘name’ part needs to literally equal “friendID”. This is a MySpace variable if you like and should never be changed from “friendID”. Now, the second part for the ‘value’, this should be your friendID, at the moment that has my friendID in it.


    This is how that line should look, this will then work properly. I have updated the instructions in the readme to reflect this. Good Luck.”

  95. Hey,

    I’ve installed the layout, made a few changes and have a slight problem which I can’t see an answer for in the comments.

    The top part of the myspace, where the adverts and search feature are, I want the background colours to match the rest of the background, how do I do this?


  96. my page loads beauitfully in firefox, but in in7 it comes up with bits of the standard myspace page. What’s the dealio? I’ve deleted everything but your about me and I’m interested in boxes.

  97. It works! I can now send comments to myself… such a lonely existence. If you have time to share the code for the photo button spacing question that would be neato. Thanks.

  98. @Jimbob, try taking a look at the other people here who have done this and see if you can work it out. Its no fun for you (and time consuming for me) if I do it all for you! πŸ˜‰

    @Medman – Sorry pal, read the comments above before posting questions that have been answered before. Read this.

    @Tim, glad its sorted but you are gonna have to work the photo’s section out for yourself! πŸ™‚

  99. Hey Bish, thanks for making this layout, I’m using it now and tweaking it a bit as I go. Just wondering if having this div overlay is breaking MySpace’s TOS at all; am I in danger of having my myspace deleted? Reason being that I have 100+ blog entries on the site that are pretty important. (Guess I really should have them backed up somewhere else eh?)

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  101. hi, thanks for the great job. i am now in middle of some tweaking of your work, i altered a bit the smallprint to give credit also for the photos so i hope this way it’s ok with you. also i really appreciate your responses! respect!

  102. @Tommy,

    The main thing with the TOS is not to cover the advertising the MySpace implements on the profiles, i.e. the banner at the top. Other than that I think they give you a pretty free reign. N.B I haven’t gone over the TOS with a fine tooth comb though and I may be mistaken. Regardless of the TOS though I would try and back up those blog entries though. Its not unheard of for things to disappear occasionally with hosted services which is essentially what MySpace is.


    The credit at the bottom is fine, thank you. I like your photo at the top, it makes me wanna go grab a coffee and kick back!

  103. Im still having the invaild id, when someone comments on my myspace. I did change that part of the code in the comment part. Yourfriendid was changed to my id only. If you could look and see what i did wrong that would be helpful. Also the only other part I wish to add to my myspace is to have a link to my mypace pictures or something. Thanks!

  104. @Talm,

    The code is correct but that is not your friendID. I will email you your correct friendID (I am not sure whether its a security hole for me to post it here).

  105. Thanks it worked, Great layout!

  106. Hi (:
    Just looking round and found this site.
    You seem helpful..
    Wanna help me ??

    I was wondering if you could give me a code to completly get rid of the view pics | Videos link.
    I’ve tried some but they only get rid of the link not the view my..

    And also a code to get rid of the big blank empty space at the bottom of my profile.
    I cant find one anywhere.

    It’d be really helpful thanks.

  107. Here guys…

    -= How To Display Comments At The Bottom In A Scrollable Box =-

    Delete this code which is at the very bottom of the I’d Like To Meet section:

    Now Replace it with this:

    If you wish to keep your friends list out of your scrollable comments box add this code to the top of your I’d Like To Meet section:

    td.text td.text table table table, td.text td.text table br,
    td.text td.text table .orangetext15, td.text td.text .redlink,
    td.text td.text span.btext {display:none;}
    td.text td.text table {background-color:transparent;}
    td.text td.text table td, td.text td.text table
    td.text td.text table table td {padding:3;}
    td.text td.text table table br {display:inline;}

    Hope I got that all right, I just figured it out so I tried to backtrack my memory a lil.

  108. I guess that didn’t show up >_

  109. Hi, I am having trouble with the layout not covering the top part of the page. Here is my profile:

  110. Hey i love the layout but when i was messing around i couldnt find how to change the color of the interests/movies/music text

  111. @Luke,

    You need to lessen the top: 150px property in the .main css. Be warned though, you have done somethings and the advert no longer appears and that is in violation of the MySpace terms of service.


    Your profile is set to private so I can’t see what you are talking about. Also what is ‘????’ supposed to mean?

  112. Stokes, can you help me out with this buddy? If it doesn’ twork on this form, email me at Thanks…

  113. I’ve seen some other posts having the same issue as I,but i hadnt seen a posted “fix ” for the issue maybe I am blind. On my profile I have the over lay but at the bottom my schools as well as companies Stick out. Is there a way to correct this.

  114. @Drew,

    Thats probably the best idea, contact Stokes for the code. I haven’t got time to test it so its better he offers it.


    Your profile is set to private so I can’t look at it.

  115. Ok it should be set to regular now. Wow you really help out your fans quickly. Seriously most people wouldn’t even care if people had problems but you really help out.

  116. @Korbin,

    Sorry pal there is not a way to easily correct this. The only solution I can think of at the moment would be to remove the schools / employment info and then add it if you ever remove the overlay.

    Thanks for the kind words though.

  117. Just one more thing.

    As I was editing the overlay i wanted some public opinion from my friends. When asked how it looked they responded and said that there was some SERIOUS over lay, I knew there was a little but not SERIOUS. so i kinda had a hunch about something and went onto IE instead of Firefox to view my page and it looked MAJORLY overlapped and you could still see the old background and everything. does it really look that bad for everyone except people who don’t use firefox?

  118. @Korbin,

    Its a overlay, a hack, something that makes the best of something. Myspace has inherent issues that from from a designers point of view, makes it very difficult to do anything with. Put a little work in and it looks fine. Your choice! πŸ™‚

    This is what is boils down to. IF you can see stuff either side then delete the content of wide comments. If you can see stuff out of the bottom of the profile, remove some of the thousands of bands you have listed! Then it works.

  119. sleepless nights says:


    i’ve been trying to customize your wonderful overlay for 72 hours (i only slept 4 hours in the last 3 days) to make it work with a band page….to no avail.

    pages keep overlapping and damn comments can’t be hidden, i deleted about 300 already…and still i can’t fix it.

    should i just throw in the towel?

  120. @Sleepless Nights

    The overlay is not designed for band profiles but its not to say it couldn’t be customised.

    But without seeing the profile I can’t give an opinion.

  121. hey i love this code a lot but the thing is, i don’t have a regular myspace. can you please email me with a code that will work for a band profile. i know your expecting money but since this one was free why not make a band one the same. i ve tried countless hours to get it to work with no progress. please help me out

  122. @Pheonix,

    Sorry pal….. if you persuade my local Ferrari dealership to give me a free car or even the supermarket down the road to give me free food…. I’ll do you a free band profile!

    Its my job and I have no free time as it is!! πŸ™‚

  123. sleepless nights says:

    so i got it to work as a band page…..

    works fine on IE and firefox….but on safari….it looks horrible!

    any pointers?

  124. @Sleepless Nights,

    I am not a clairvoyant.

    From my last comment to you, “…..without seeing the profile I can’t give an opinion”.

  125. Hey, I’ve been using your design for quite some time, but now any links on my myspace that use the friendID do not work anymore. They show up as “invalid friendID”, a friend who also uses this overlay has the same problem. Could you please fix it? Its a great design though.


    Andrew Lam

  126. Nevermind, fixed it, for some reason Myspace was changing the correct URL with some msplinks stuff.

  127. @ Mike,

    As Andrew says above it is MySpace that is changing the links to try and combat comment spam. The link redirects to their website where it is verified and then ‘allowed’ through if genuine. I can’t see any reason why this would harm your profile if the links are genuine.

  128. Hey, thanks for the overlay! I made a test sitebefore putting it on my normal myspace; and this may be a dumb question, but where do I find the “new” msplinks for mail, add to friends, etc. Home and add to favs work just fine. Thanks!

  129. Great layout : )!
    For the top header I am replacing the gray with a picture. It worked and I have seen in earlier questions that you said that you have to dabble with margins and paddings to get the headings to align properly. My question- how do you do that?
    Please & thank you!

  130. ACTUALLY, I figured it out so no need to answer my question c: thanks though and keep up the outstanding work!

  131. @Coard,

    The msplinks are included automatically by mySpace. I have had a look at your profile and the links are there fine.


    Glad its working.

  132. Nice layout.
    One Question..What size (1600×1200?) and browser is great for it (firefox)?

  133. Its compatible with 800 x 600 (just about) upwards and IE 6+ Firefox 1.0+ and to the best of my knowledge Safari works ok.

  134. ran across your overlay on — many thanks for developing such an “elegant” and clean div overlay.

    my page was working great last week and i recently discovered any of the line codes that required us to input our own friendid’s are now invalid? any chance you know how to fix this problem? the links from your “small print” section still work all fine and also the “linkages” section.

  135. somehow everything started working again, thanks again though!

  136. ohh right sorry.
    I’ll change in 2 minutes

  137. Sorry cant change it.
    Somethings going on with myspace and there technical stuff.
    I’ll check it back in a couple of hours.

  138. I dont know how to not make it private..

  139. @Fiii,

    Try adding me as a friend?


    Glad its working.

  140. Hey,
    Can someone please give me some advise, ive inserted an image into the main header but it makes the text go too far down >.

  141. OK…got it workin in FF but still same problem in IE =(

  142. Sorry to mither, ive fixed the first problem i had with the image in the header, but i was wondering if you could add music using the myspace player and hide it or add a custom music player and hide that too

  143. Okidokie i added you.
    Reckon you can check it?

  144. It’s Vicky again. It’s just a little messy. I’d like for it to be exact. I have tried to cover the whole gray with the picture and the side gray bars, a little larger than the other, showed though I’m fine with that. There’s a little black line showing in the corner and the “myspace” text is a bit off. I fiddled with it a lot, trying many things. Hasn’t worked.
    Please & thank you!

  145. This is awesome. However, since MySpace moved to the msplinks “Send a message” doesn’t work. After spinning thru the msplinks I end up with the following URL: (that’s my correct friendID) and I get a message that says “Invalid Friend ID.
    This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted.” The rest of the links work just fine. Any ideas?

  146. How do you get rid of the original myspace links at the bottom of the page –
    About, faq, terms, privacy, safety tips ect. ??? And the copyright.
    And How do you make the scroll on div layers not show up??

    Thank you so so much.

  147. How to I hide the details section without having the tables on the right side of the original site and the left stacking on top of each other? I just want the details gone- not the whole page to rearrange itself.

    πŸ™‚ I would appreciate it- ALOT.

  148. And I could’ve just googled my first question πŸ™‚

  149. Hey just thought I’d post that I figured out my problem. In the original package the Send a Message link was this:

    I instead had to use: was the link I showed in the post above but apparently my MySpace account had been phished at some point and they turned on an away message. So, combine turning off the away message and using the instead of and everything is groovy. Thanx again for the overlay!

  150. How do you get rid of the scrollbars on mozilla firefox?

  151. @Fiii,

    I still can’t access your page. Sorry.


    Try making the background colour of the header white or remove the padding on either side then make the page bigger.

  152. Well…
    I added you?

  153. @Fiii, see the comments above. I still can’t access your page. It says the profile it is still private. If you take a screen grab or something then I may be able to help.

  154. I’m really glad I found your layout, I’ve been looking for something that made myspace look less retarded. Couple of things though…
    1. the div overlay doesn’t seem to fully cover up the myspace profile when viewed in IE vs. my usual firefox browser (1280×1024). Even in Firefox, the networking and job history stuck out below the comments section, so I had to delete it.
    2. When I put in the background-image in the header, with 0 margins, the right aligned text drops below the border, with 5px margin, it looks good, but then the background-image does not fill the entire section. How do I fix the text to not drop so low without the margin?

  155. Ok.
    I didnt know what bits you need so i shot the top,middle,bottom.

  156. Hmm..
    They didnt show.
    They might show for you.
    If not tell me & ill do it again

  157. Thanks for the layout, i really love it
    After plugging in all my info I had a go at playing around with the coding to change it a little more to my liking. I changed the Linkages section to a scroll box with my friends in but i cant seem to get it to even out with the Music, Movies, and Interests row. If you could please help me i would really appreciate it.
    My Myspace URL is

  158. Hey, just leaving a comment saying thanks for this awesome layout. I spent quite a bit of the day hacking this up to personalise it more and think the result is pretty spiffy.

    Here is the result:

    P.S. I edited out the “The Small Print” section but I still credit you in the footer as required. Hope that’s okay

  159. @Luke,

    You have missed some closing divs and renamed one of the ‘boxes’. Go back through the code and rename “content-friends” to “content-linkages”. Then cut out the “footer” div including the closing div and move it beneath the closing div for “content-b”.

    This may appear complicated and if so the best advice would be to start again, copy all my code supplied into notepad for example and reinsert you info again. Remember not to change the names of the divs or move them.


    Great job, your profile looks fantastic. Thanks for the kind words and yes the link at the bottom is fine.

  160. Great job! The one problem that I am having is that I keep getting thrown to the MySpaceUK site when I click “Home” to tweek the overlay. I thought that I had corrected it, but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Any suggestions?

  161. I tried the solutions above for getting the stock myspace template from showing past the edges of your custom DIV layout, but no luck. I use IE newest tabbed browser and my screen res is 1280 x 1024.

    Ive deleted large comments and even stuck in a piece of code that restricts the comment pics, making them 25px wide, still no luck.

    I deleted all of the text in the fields myspace asks for personal data, even the headline.

    any ideas?

  162. @G.A

    In the I’d like to meet code remove the uk bit from the link. so it reads rather than

    Its about line 15 or 16.


    Its your comments. But try adding this to your about me section.

    .friendsComments {visability: hidden;}

    on the second line

  163. It hasnt changed.
    I added it to the second line (using text pad) so that it looks like this, here are the 1st three lines in the about me section:

    .friendsComments {visability: hidden;}

    I only deleted the big comments from page 1 when I go review my comments because Im assuming only the first page of comments are the only ones that show on the main page – and would be the only ones which affect that layout.

    I have pages and pages of comments – Im hoping I do not have to go through page 2 through bazillion and delete all big comments. (And Im not sure which are too wide, that’s why i had tried code to shrink them all really small)

    After reviewing what seems like thousands of custom layouts – yours is the most stylish and cleanest by far. It figures, it’s like finding the one shirt I like out of 10 stores, and there’s only one left and its the wrong size. Doh. πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for responding so quickly Ben, especially on a holiday!

    Any other ideas?

  164. I added this theme to an unused myspace profile I set up for testing a while back. The theme looks perfect on that one, no ugly stock myspace theme peeking out at me.

    So, what to do about those comments without deleting them all on my other account……hmmmmmmm…..

  165. I hid the whole original profile with this code at the top of the about me section, and now it seems ok.

    No more original theme, hide it like this:

    table, tr, td {background:transparent;}
    table table table table, table table table table td.text, table.contactTable {display:none;}
    td.text table, .orangetext15 {visibility:hidden;}
    td.text table table {display:inline; visibility:visible;}
    td.text td.text table {display:none;}
    div b font font, div font font u {display:none;}
    .whitetext12 { display: none; }
    .nametext { display:none;}

    (If the above code gets mangled after I post it, I got the code from here:

  166. Next problem: Trying to put my matching gray jukebox into the top gray box across from my picture. I can get it there, but then the rectangle gets tall and I cant place the jukebox where I want it.

    I dont need it done for me, but a point in the right direction would be appreciated. πŸ˜€

  167. Umm im also getting reports from friends that they cant leave me messages, says invalid friend ID, and I know for sure I changed those to the correct ID’s, so this is becoming a bit of a pain now.

  168. Invalid FriendID problem RESOLVED (when people tried to message me)

    The line in the whoidliketomeet file that controls this function was incorrectly pointing to something like this:″>send a message

    its now looks like this, and works:
    send a message

  169. Now looks like what? I also cannot receive comments.

  170. @Van, that link still works fine for me.


    “Now looks like what?” – I don’t understand what you are talking about. Please explain.

    Why can’t you receive comments? Please explain.

  171. holy crap. Myspace trashed my theme. i just was on my profile an hour ago and it was fine. I did not edit anything since this morning and have checked on it a few times throughout the day.

    i just went back on and…….. its trashed, wtf.

    here’s a screenie:
    address is

    how could this happen?

  172. my profile page looks good if i just access it by typing, however now when i use the “profile” link from my myspace “home” page (the white page), its that jumbled mess.

    so i suppose i cant use their “profile” link to view my profile anymore, i have to actually type in my address in the url field in IE.

    myspace sucks.

  173. All is fine again, i didnt touch a thing. After 4 hours of it not working right, now my profile works again..

    Tom needs a beatin’.

  174. my profile looks great … in firefox but when i view it with either safari or IE you can see the remnants of my old profile?! Why is it doing this. I followed your directions and deleted everything. please help. check it out:

  175. Just wondering if anyone reading this forum has gotten comments to display smoothly with the layout. I know one guy said he did awhile ago. If not, its totally cool.

    Thanks Bish. I’ve spent many nights and hours at work tinkering with the layout. THANKS FOR RUINING MY LIFE! πŸ˜€

  176. @Aaron,

    Try doing what Van suggested in this comment. This should hide your profile underneath.


    Take a look around at some of the other free profiles or mySpace help sites. There is code out there to display your comments.

  177. Ive been having problems. The add friends / send message etc. stuff doesnt work and im positive i put the right friend ID. Also the “Linkages” dont work either. can you please help me.

  178. @Bill,

    I can’t see your profile, it is set to private.


  180. Oh I’m sorry I hadn’t noticed it was private. I took it off so I’m sure you can view it now. I did read through the comments and I didn’t see anyone with this problem. Unless I may have missed some.

  181. hola bish,

    the basic overlay for myspace that you have created is a very beautiful thing. when i first tried your overlay i didn’t know css for crap, and here i am a few days later (or rather, i should say, nights) of tweaking your original code. my page has been heavily modified, but your basic skeleton is still there β€” i could not have done it without you.

    as such, i’ve also given you a nice credit line that stands out probably more than your original one did.

    there are still features i’d like to integrate, but they can wait for now. thank you for creating such a useful thing to help myspace just a bit more prettier.

  182. @Bill,

    You seem to have gone a different route which is cool though.


    Thanks very much for the kind words and the extended link, I am really grateful.

    The profile looks great too!! Really individual, in the same funky vein as the rest of your site and work. Nice job!

  183. Hey Bish,
    How would I go about putting this in my profile as the background as well as in the space in between the blocks.

  184. That last comment didn’t work, so it’s this-

  185. Does this work with Safari? I tried to follow the directions (which were similar to the Facebook theme that I intalled successfully), but I cant get it to work. I really want it… Any suggestions?

  186. @coard,

    Look into using the background-image css property.


    Should work fine in Safari. Add me as a friend or take your profile off private and I will take a look.

  187. Okay, I am having sooooo many problems….how much do u charge to do a spiff up a personal myspace page?
    Hope 2 hear from you.

  188. I’m having difficulty with the YOURFRIENDID part. My friend is attempting to send me a msg but she keeps gettin the INVALID USER ID msg.

  189. @Angie,

    Ok first up you have put your myspace url as your friend id in the comments. It needs to be your friendID which is 216216914. You have probably done the same all the way through the profile.

    Second drop me an email using the contact link at the top of the page with real details about what you require and I will work out a price for you.

  190. Hey Bish thanks for the awsome layout! http:/
    Anyhow I was wondering how to make a subtitle at the bottome of the page in a smaller font to credit your work.


  191. this question is for stokes, or for anyone else that can answer it.

    i’ve modified my code to my liking; however, i’d like to be able to put the newest blog entries on the page somewhere, and also put my comments in (perhaps even reformat it to the width of my current table – 800 px or somewhere in the neighborhood of it) but not necessarily in a scrollable box.

    can anyone who would know how to do this please email me at and just for fyi, my myspace is at:


  192. “ARQUITT” –

    i haven’t responded because your myspace doesn’t allow me to.

  193. Hi Bish,

    I’m still working on what I want for you to spiff up on my page, so I’ll email it to you in the next few days so that you can hit me with a price
    but I need your help in the mean time.
    I change the YOURFRIENDID from my URL to my ID but I keep getting the same old INVALID FRIEND ID msg. What am I doing wrong? Thanx!

  194. I just tried to use your overlay today for the first time and it looks like Myspace’s introduction of “msplinks” is keeping the nav links from working. appears to fail to keep the connection to the ID.

    Like A. Garcia, I’m getting errors from every link. Do you have any ideas about a fix for this?

  195. Becasue msplinks have been introduced and they are screwing everything up, you will have to make the following changes.

    Drop the “http:” from each of your links to your profile pages, comments, messages, pictures…

    So the old link will look like this:
    add to friends
    and your new link needs to look like this
    add to friends

    this small change even makes your links to outside pages still appear un-msplinks’d. Hope it lasts.

  196. Sorry the links should look like this.



  197. Does anyone know how to insert a slideshow (via photobucket) @ the top, in the header. I did it once as a test and deleted it and now,can’t do it again.
    Thank ya’s.

  198. Hi there, I totally love this layout and want to use it for myself, however I would like to justify the font in the content boxes and can’t figure out how. If you could help I’d really appreciate it. Kinda new to this thing. Cheers

  199. For those of you who would like your picture displayed, on your homepage, get your display picture and right click it ‘ for a table, ” for a line break, and ”

    It works just great for me! Thanks for the awesome div overlay by the way, great great work!

  200. hmm… even as ‘ ‘ kind of thing didn’t work…

    sorry guys, just go learn HTML/CSS

  201. problem with msplinks, i get get the navbar to work. msplinks removes my friend ID, any help?

  202. Heya! Thanks so much for the layout code – I’d finally spat the dummy with css overriding after MySpace yet again altered their code, destroying mine (at least in IE). So I wanted to find a starting point for creating my own overlays, and yours seemed the most accessible.

    So far: – which is the design home for layouts that then go live at

    Thanks again!


  203. @Jess,

    Really impressed with what you have done. Congratulations.

    Its a shame I am not out in OZ still, looks like fun!

  204. Hello,
    I have been experimenting with your div overlay and find that I can no longer access the “about me” and “who I’d like to meet” fields in order to make further edits. Whenever I try to go to basic info (where those fields used to be), I get the whole page with the overlay apparently covering the stuff I need to get to (the boxes where I entered the code in first place).
    Thanks for the help,

  205. i was wondering if there was any way to hide the nav and ads at the top, i used to have it like that and i have forgot the coding? (yes i know its agianst the TOS but i dont care i just hate it being there)

  206. Hey – I love the layout, fantastic!

    However, for some reason, I cannot get the default profile hidden. Could anyone possibly take a look at it and suggest where I am going wrong?

    There are no comments displayed, so an oversized image isn’t causing the problem. Also, only the code you have supplied is in the about me/who i’d like to meet boxes.

    I’d be extremely grateful. Cheers guys.


  207. Hey – thanks for the layout, it is great!

    For some reason, I can’t get the default profile to disappear behind your overlay – any idea why? There are no comments, so there isn’t the chance of an oversized avatar clogging it up.

    Any information will be ace!

  208. Gosh..I hate to be a pain, but I am at my wit’s end (not that they were that long to begin with…; ). For the life of me, I can not figure out why I keep getting the error message “Invalid FriendID” when trying to send a message…all of the other buttons seem to be working fine.

    Any ideas?

    BTW…I really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and great design skills!

  209. @Jesse,

    The overlay covers up your profile, any changes that you need to make, need to be made to the overlay code for it to be displayed.


    Hmmm, I don’t really advocate if feller. Try googling it, I know there are loads of sites out there with this sort of code.

  210. @Ben,

    Thanks for the kind words – especially from another Birmingham boy!

    Your profile is set to private (preventing me from seeing it). Without seeing it, I can’t be sure what the problem is but should be able to point you in the right direction if you add me as a friend. Let me know when you do and I will take a look.

  211. @MMC,

    Mmm, not sure what is wrong. When I wasn’t logged into myspace I got the error you describe but then when I logged in it worked. Well at least told me I need to be your friend to comment so I guess its working.

  212. I saw that someone else asked this question, but I think the answered got emailed to them. I would really like to be able to include a section to my blogs. Is there a way to add that?

  213. ThaGoodLyfe101 says:

    wonderful overlay and thank you for sharing.
    Is there a way to put a song on your profile?

  214. Hi Bish!

    First of all, thanx for this awsome layout. My page is still under construction but I’m sure it’ll look real good!

    But for the moment I’ve got the same problem as many people before me but I can’t solve it. When someone tries to post a comment or send me a message, the error message “Invalid friend ID…” appears.
    I think I’ve correctly changed my friend ID in the code so I don’t know what’s happening. Any idea?


  215. Problem solved! No need to worry about my case! And thanx again for the layout.

  216. hey Bish. I really like the layout! im having a problem though. i can’t get the “send a message” button to work on my page. i put in my friend id but when people try to send me a message, it comes up with invalid friend ID
    also, when using internet explorer, you can see some of the default profile hanging out from the left side..
    any ideas?

  217. Great layout. Anyone needing help with either music or photo on their page: there is a simple soloution: firstly, i embedded a playlist a made up in projectplaylist and resized it to 800 width. Did the same with photos via slide dot com. Ive got virtually zero knowledge of html, both sites generate the code for you. All i had to do was cut paste. Have a look, my page is:

  218. Just letting you know I am using this layout on my myspace. Tweaked a few things to my liking. Also, I put a music player in place of the credits, However, I put a link to your site (as well as a description as to where I got the layout below it) so I could give you credit. Thanks! This layout is beautiful. πŸ™‚

  219. hey this div overlay hack is awesome.. but is there any way that it could be used in a music profile. because music profiles doesnt have a “who i’d like to meet” textinput.. and how can i show friends comments.. i hope you could help me..

  220. me again.. a note: i want the friends comments below the DIV overlayed..

  221. I’ve created my first Myspace Div Overlay. It is now working only with Firefox! Check it out at


  222. Just wanted to say thanks. I’m still tweaking it, I’ll keep you posted. Awesome skills Bro. Keep up the good work…=)

  223. Help! I think I did great get getting as much accomplished as I did, but the rest is screwed. Can someone tell me what I’ve done wrong?

  224. Hello again. All is going well on my overlay: So far added jukebox and slideshow, and have just managed to change the header box to an image. One last suggestion: I wish to add one box with my friends’ images, and also a scrollbox which contains comments which have been left. Any ideas anyone? Help?

  225. A friend just emailed me regarding my profile: “When viewing it in Safari (mac and now PC also) browser your myspace profile is a little off. The picture in the middle is centered and looks like it should be to the right of the text. It is moving all the text out of the background boxes so it’s hard to read.” I have no comments except for ones that are nothing but text (no images, etc.). Does anyone know what might be causing this? It views fine in IE and Mozilla.


  226. John Robinson Leeds,

    I was trying to e-mail you about how you were able to put that header image up there, but when I tried to message you, I got the invalid friend ID message.
    Can anyone help me as to how I put up an image in the header, where it says your name and underneath that, myspace? Thanks.

  227. Hey. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone and also for being so insanely helpful to everyone who comments. I’m an ultra-beginner with CSS but from reading along here and googling a few things, I have our page looking rather spiffy. (You should have seen my old attempts, HAHAHA.)

    Sadly, I am having the same navbar issue that so many others were having, where i get an invalid friend ID. Actually, if I try to add myself to my favorites (something that should result in an error, I think), it asks me if I am sure I’d like Rob to be my favorite…. but I don’t know who Rob is. πŸ™‚ It’s eating the code or something when it changes the links. I was very careful to recopy that code from the original and replace the YOURFRIENDID with the proper number, and I did read a comment here about removing the http:, which I also tried.

    I know MySpace is a devil with blocking links sometimes, and they change it a lot. Any ideas on what I might try? I don’t know if it’s helpful to you for this question, but you might find this list of filtered myspace code handy for other things:

    Thanks in advance to whomever might know the answer. My email is if you have any advice. Thanks again, Ben. You rock.

  228. Ok for anyone who is getting invalid friendid messages, check your friendID by using this page.

    Then make sure all your links use the correct friendID. Good luck.

  229. @thaumata

    I have had a look at your code and when you click on send message the page that you are taken to is an invalid link but not because of the friendID. That is correct but for some reason ‘amp;’ is inserted (without the apostrophes) in the link when it shouldn’t be.

    It could be from the rewriting process that MySpace does when uploading but it could also be an error in your code. When you click on the send message link, the following appears in the link on the error page. “…message&friendID…”. If you remove the ‘amp;’ the link works and the send message dialogue appears.

    BTW, thanks for the kind words and the page looks great.

  230. love line films says:

    …I have tried to reply to your msg with instructions, but your link is also showing Invalid friend ID!!!!

  231. Just a couple of minor points…..

    I have solved my ‘invalid friend ID comment box by changing this line in ‘footer comments’ from:

    name=”friend-id” value=”(my friend id)”>


    name=”friendID” value=”(myfriend id)”>

    …why its made the difference, I do not know. Ive also found out people attempting to adding me as a friend are seeing me with the name Rob. Ive checked my friend id is correct everywhere…. any ideas???

  232. @John

    Glad its working but my original code is set to “friendID” not “friend-id”. You must have changed the code at some point.

  233. just started with this and it looks beautiful. In my case the comments works fine but the navigation is all eccentric and I can’t get past the invalid user problem when using send a message; tried things suggested above and no joy; I’m certain I’m using the correct id. Also I have the same problem as 232 above with the phantom rob inadd ro a group and the add to friends doesn’t work either – advice welcome!

  234. where can i put, or more so how can i put mutiple pictures either to the right (a little off right ) or right above my name?

    heres a picture

    and heres the other picture

    i’ve tried to the best of my skills, nothing aint working for me. i just end up with either it being off set ot where i dont want it. or it messes up the texting.

    im trying to cover up the blank spaces with the pictures btw.

  235. I love the overlay but there is a few things that I’m having trouble with.

    Firstly, the navigation bars are also not working for me, it must be to do with the msplink things. I can’t figure out where I would need to put my friendID.
    Secondly, is there anyway to make the boxes bigger, and how would I do that? I can’t fit my whole about me on there.

    Thanks alot for the overlay, looks really nice.

  236. ok, spent a while trying all permutations – in the end not the most elegant solution but it works — I viewed the source code and copied the links from the original myspace nav buttons, this did the trick for me and the page looks fine now. The myspace nav bar at the top is partially obscured but I’m sure I’ll be able to tweak it to stop this. Thanks, the overlay looks very neat and functional.

  237. The overlay seems to not cover up my original myspace profile! Is there any way to remedy this?

  238. I found out what the problem is for “INVALID FRIEND ID” in the send message.

    there is a semicolon before friend in “message&;friendID” in the seloquent code given. but if u remove it so it reads “message&friendID” it will work

  239. Bish,
    Yesterday, I began having trouble with the INVALID FRIEND ID when someone tries to send me a message. I know I had the correct code before, since people were able to send me a message and add me as friends, before I found this error.

    And as someone mentioned earlier, when someone tries to add you as a “favorite”, you then get taken to the next page, asking if you’re sure you would like to add ROB to your favorites. When you see the Friend ID #, it is set to 0 in the address.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

  240. Okay, I was able to resolve it…although I don’t understand what changed, but anyhow, THIS IS HOW I RESOLVED THE FRIEND ID ERROR: I just pased the code out of someone else’s profile, so here is what it is (I hope it works for you):

    For SEND A MESSAGE, paste:

    For ADD A FRIEND, paste:

    For ADD TO FAVORITES, paste:

    I hope that works for somebody, ‘cuz I know I was getting frustrated πŸ™‚
    But if anyone knows what happened, I’d love to know if I was doing something wrong or what ?????

    And BISH, tried to send you a MYSPACE MESSAGE but you’re getting the INVALID FRIEND ID as well.

  241. Thanks Linda I have changed my links. I think that this msplinks are causing problems. Mine IS NOW WORKING though so it is fixable quite easily. For anyone having problems….. try checking your links for amp; appearing after the & signs. To confirm the links should not look like this ….& amp;…… they should look like …..&…..

  242. I very much enjoy this layout. I had to go and edit a few things for my own taste, but I even like the color scheme. I did my own custom graphic header, and a few other small things. Now what I would like to know is how to make my music player appear under my vitals, and how to make sure it is showing up clearly, as it seems to blink in firefox on my ibook, whereas on IE7/FF on my windows machine it shows up fine, just above the header. I would really prefer to keep using myspace’s player, as the new one is cool, and it shows a history of music you have had on your player, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ll check back often.

    Benny D

  243. p.s. to those who can’t get the nav links to work correctly, you can get the code for *your* personal page by going to this page:

    You just type your myspace link in, then it will give you every code you need, just in case it doesn’t work for you right off. That’s what I ended up doing after trying unsuccessfully for an hour.

  244. I loved the layout and I followed all the instructions but my details, school, and other stuff are showing. I cant figure out how to fix it And the stuff from the new profile is only on the right where my about me and interests are. Please look at my myspace and tell me how to fix it. Its I’ll add you.

  245. I was also wondering if you could chang the colors.

  246. new problem… the “extended network” box seems to push the layout down further in firefox for windows. Got any ideas as to why it just started doing that? your page does it as well.

    Benny D

  247. @Brandon

    Sorry, I can really help with customizing the appearance but the problem to the details schools and interests have been covered above. Have a read through the comments.


    I can’t see what’s wrong on your profile. Both mine and yours appears ok to me.

  248. I fixed it by simply removing my headline. Sorry for wasting effort. Did you ever figure out how I could move my player around?


  249. Can anyone help me w/my old, ugly profile protruding out from the sides of my new div overlay?
    I don’t recall adding or doing anything to change it, it was working fine before.
    If anyone can take a look at it, I’d be of much thanks!

  250. love the overlay but

    my original profile is peeking out from behind it and i followed the instructions…

    any ideas?


  251. I’m working on a band page and I pasted everything into the bio section. I have the code I want…at least a good rough draft, when I go to the preview page, there is no “save” button – only the “submit” button for the comments field.

    Do you need to see my code?

    Thank you,


  252. I just can’t save the code. The submit button is for the comments. When I click it, I get the “you can’t make a blank comment” error.


  253. @jeff, the code is not designed with band profiles in mind but you may be able to soldier through with it anyway. Good luck.

  254. my profile still seems shoved down off and using the most up to date version of firefox. in fact anyone who is using this code, it does from time to time.

    have any ideas as to why?


  255. I have inserted you code into my band proifle and want to remove it but i can’t what should i do…..

  256. My problem is that my music player is under my overlay, but i want to see the player.

    What should i do ??

  257. I’m having problems with the comment part…when I click on it…it goes to a “page not found” thing….any suggestions?

  258. a live link to my myspace is

    click on the comment box…see what happens…

  259. I figured out how to move it around but it was hidden or conflicts with the overlay. i tried to mess with the z-index, that didn’t seem to work in IE but in FF it worked okay.

    another thing is, i want to know how to change the white spaces in my page, i want it to be offwhite background so its less hard on the eyes.

    is there a way to make these gaps off white?


  260. Re: Music player problem -an easy way to solve

    Create a jukebox at projectplaylist dot com and embed it into your code.
    Then adjust the size values (so long as the width is set at 800).

  261. Re: Music player problem -an easy way to solve

    Create a jukebox at and embed it into your code.
    Then adjust the size values (so long as the width is set at 800). In action here:

  262. …and regarding adjusting colors, why not google ‘HTML color codes’ and experiment with the values yourself rather than waiting for someone on here to show you.

  263. To get rid of the old layout in the background, type in all of the other boxes. It does actually state this in the instruction file, and it definitely DOES work

  264. One of these:

  265. @John,

    Thanks for helping everyone out.

  266. oh no.. its not that i haven’t experimented or don’t understand color changing within html, I simply cannot find an html or css code to change the part that I have. I also do not want to utilize a project playlist mp3 player, I prefer the one on my space, as it tracks what you have had, and it helps the bands get plays.

    It sort of helped, but its all stuff I’ve thought of. I seriously do need some help figuring out why i have blanked white spots on my layout. I can’t find the specific tag to fix it.

  267. nevermind about the color code, found it. its in ‘who i’d like to meet’ table. missed that.


  268. I want to have the normal myspace player…

    At the beginning the player was over my overlay and i could see it.

    But from a day to the next day, it was under my overlay.

    I didnt change anything…

  269. uhh yeah, i think tom did an update and now my whole profile is shifted or to sum it all up its a little smaller.
    its not covering up the whole myspace default page thing like it was doing.
    i didnt change anything recently so im pretty sure that this is a reason.

    how can i change to to where the background is all white again but it wont be covering up the div layout?

  270. oh sorry for the cappo btw lol

  271. Hi there. I’m not sure if this has been addressed yet but it looks like Internet Explorer 7 leaves a lot of space at the top of my profile. It looks great in Firefox and Safari but somehow IE7 doesn’t read the css quite right. Is there anything I can do about this?

    Check it out:

    Thanks so much.

  272. @donne,

    Tom might have changed something in MySpace but it hasn’t effected my profile or anyone else’s. As you havent changed too much, try going back to the original profile and adding your content in again.


    Your .header h2 has a large margin on the bottom (200px) which you must have added. Change this and it will work as intended in IE7.

  273. I’m not quite sure why, but somehow in IE7 my under profile shifts over to the left and then shows up from underneath. is there any way to fix it?

    I have addressed my other issues via trial and error. Well thanks again for your help.


  274. @ BennyD

    Congrats on the profile dude, it looks really good. Now the issue with the profile appearing beneath is probably due to the funky stuff you have done to your profile (the plane) and IE7 not quite working correctly. Basically the way to do things is code and design for Firefox and then fix the IE7 bits which you seem to have done.

    The best way to fix it would be to hide the profile beneath I think. There is a comment above that lists the css to do this. Havent tried it myself but I think it would work. Here is the link to the comment.

    Good luck and great work again my friend!

  275. πŸ™ that made it worse… the only problem i had before were the sides. they showed a little bit of the default myspace layout.

    luckily i saved my old modified version lol. hmm how could i perhaps make it so that this div layout was just wider? and if there isn’t away…

    how could i change the default div layout for myspace to blank out everything behind the eminentstyle?

  276. Bish,
    So this isn’t yet another friendID issue. Wahoo!
    Buuut… I’ve been playing around and i cant seem to get rid of the small boarder that goes around the whole overlay. It seems to be about 3 pixels. if you can’t see my MySpace Page, here is screenie…:


  277. How do I change the color (text) from black to white on this section: Interests, Movies, Music, Linkages???

  278. Hey Bish, Thanks for the overlay.
    I was just wondering if you could put in normal myspace codes such as generators and icons and stuff like that. I wanted to ask first before i went ahead and changed my profile because i didn’t want to mess it up and have to start over.

  279. Hey Bish, Thanks for the overlay.
    i was wondering, can you still put normal myspace codes in the overlay such as generators and icons?

  280. oops, sorry for the 2nd comment…the 1st one didnt show up the first time so i thought it didnt go through

    Sorry again.

  281. Bish! thanks for the compliment! Coming from you, it means a lot! thanks for the advice. I’m trying it right now.


  282. update: this doesn’t seem to be working at this point but I am going to try some stuff now that i have the idea.

  283. bah. nilch that now it won’t work in FF. Sorry for all the posts. I’ll figure it out.. in the meantime I have figured out it is NOT the plane that is causing it.

    I may start from scratch again.

  284. I just started using the overlay but I am have some issues with the code not overwriting my top frieds, and school/company/personal info area. Any ideas?

  285. Well, I cant agree more.

  286. My old page is sticking out the sides help!!!!!!

  287. Crap my old page is stick out of the sides as well and when I go to edit the settings in the about me section and or idliketo meet section in myspace the page is showing over the options and will not allow me to click the edit button.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  288. Whenever I put an image into the top space as 760px x 280px it just pushes all the text down instead of fitting in perfectly. Any idea why?

  289. @Tivo,

    Shouldn’t cause too many problems when adding different code but it depends on what you are adding. By design its not a concrete layout so if you put somehting in one of the boxes that doesn’t really fit it may knock everything out. The same concepts of web design apply to this overlay system.

    Always back up your profile first before making changes (copy your who ‘id like to meet’ and ‘about me’ sections.


    It was a shot in the dark really, without having your code its difficult to be sure. Good luck if you decide to start again. it would be a shame after all the work you have done.


    Not without seeing your profile. I can’t help.


    Try clearing out any comments with large pictures. Wide comments has been known to do this.


    See my comment above about clearing out your comments with big images. Regarding editing the profile, try using the safemode option in myspace.


    If you want to use the image behind the text it needs to set as a background-image in the css. If you just insert it as an image then it by default it would push the text down.

  290. Hey, I love this overlay. It is amazing. Just put it on and am still have a bit to mod. in firefox browser it looks perfect; however, in ie there is a bit of old profile up at the top… idk what to do. also im not good a ccs/html at all so if you can help that would be so awesome.
    Love the layout!!

  291. First off, love the code. I’m just learning CSS and I’m having some trouble with the links at the top of the page. The layout is overlaying the links. What do I need to change to move them down? Thanks.

  292. @Katie,

    Thanks for the complements.

    Its a strange one. When I first loaded the page it happened but I have reloaded the page a couple times and now its working fine. Is there still a problem when you view it?

    I don’t think its anything to do with your profile, just a case of Myspace not displaying the advert at the top so the overlay is too far down. Let me know if it happens again.

  293. @Brandon

    Thanks for the kind words. To move the profile down a bit change, the ‘top’ css property in .main {…} to the following without the quotes.


  294. Hello, great layout. Played with it for a bit heres what i currently have.

  295. @Offx1

    Looks great, nearly there by the looks of it. Great work…..

  296. Sean Patrick says:

    Thank mate. Sick CSS. Peterborough, eh? Datin a bird from there. She’s mad.

    Thanks for all your effort in design and advice. Youre a better man than I. Cheers.

  297. Bish, I read what you said about putting an image as background in the css but I’m not sure how.

    Could you click my myspace profile and let me know how I would get the banner at the top to fit perfectly (i.e no space above, below or either side) into the top part.


  298. Has anyone found a solution to show the comments?
    The Stokes solution is not displayed here, and i can not find a way to contact…

  299. Can anybody help or is this page no longer looked at any more?

  300. @Steve,

    You need to edit your CSS so that it has the following line in the header section
    background-image: url(;
    Then delete the tags from your html. This will make the image a background image allowing you to display text over the top.

  301. Bish, i have used your DIV and it is really good, im still moving everything around so your link isnt on there yet, but it will be when everything is in place. Now the problem is that it works fine in Firefox but it doesnt “fill” the whole page in Internet Explorer. You can still see the defualt profile in the backgroud. can you help so that it works all fine in both?

  302. Bish, first of all great overlay and thanks for helping people out. I like to add where i’ve been to my overlay. request help?

  303. Hi…I’m migrating to your code, which is excellent. Thanks for sharing! I want to change the ‘linkages’ section to my myspace blog, preferbly with a small thumbnail next to each blog entry….If it’s not too much to ask, what’s the code to do this?

    Thanks in advance,

  304. Hi…great layout….thanks for being so generous! I would like to change the ‘linkags’ section to my latest blog entries (created in myspace) with a small thumbnail by each entry. If it’s not too much to ask, will you give me the code for this?

    Thanks in advance

  305. sorry for the triple post (didn’t see the post I left yesterday…thought it didn’t post correctly)

  306. Bish, I have the following now in the ‘About Me’ Section at the top:

    background-image: URL(;


    However, now it’s blank! … No background image comes up at all? … however the jpg still shows if I type it into the explorer address bar. I notice it looks for it as its loading up all the images (bottom left of i.explorer), but still it just doesn’t show at all.

    Any idea why it’s not showing at all? I removed the image link as you said before as well.

  307. Apoligies, I meant the header section:

    padding:0 0px;
    background-image: URL(;


  308. Nevermind I’ve sorted it πŸ™‚

  309. Why does my profile look all out of sync in Firefox, yet if I view it in Internet Explorer, it’s fine?

  310. Ok, I’ve tried to read through all these and not bother anyone, but its driving me crazy. My old background just won’t go away! I tried deleting comments, I can’t seem to get it to work. Could someone please help?

  311. I’m an HTML super novice πŸ™‚

    I really like the overlay but I’ve been struggling with the links for “add to friends” “send message” etc…

    I’d like to not have any “hover effect” when I mouse over them…just the plain text. Can you point me in the right direction?


  312. I hate to ask, considering so many people have asked so many questions, but if I wanted to add in code to make friends and comments visible on my myspace page, how could I do that using your div? Thanks for any help you could give.

  313. @steve,

    It could be to so with the other informaiton you have in your profile or the comments with large pictures. Try deleting them.

  314. @Nicole Gray

    Try googling “hover effect links html css” or “hover effect text html css”

  315. @Sara,

    Try removing any other information you have in your profile.


    If you want a custom profile designed for you at a great price, contact me above for a quote.

  316. nevermind i got it. forgot to change content-b to content-c….. rookie move.

    everyone say it with me starts with a J and ends with ackass!

    email me about prices for custom pages, i need one for my screen writing company

  317. Hi I love this template it’s clean and great to work with. I was wondering at the top where your name is there a way to work a flim strip looking picture? Could it be possible that the pictures could be moving? I’m not too savy with this so please explain as if your talking to a 6 year old.

    Is there a place to add photo albums?

    Thank you

  318. @Amy,

    All this is possible but would involve quite a bit of work. Unfortunately as web design is my livelihood there would be a cost involved. Drop me an email from the contact page above and we could discuss what exactly you are after.

  319. Great tutorial, and I was able to iron out some wrinkles with help on this page, still experiencing an issue with older versions of ie displaying the origional page under the overlay. Also, its intermittent, but Firefox does not load the overlay correctly and the original site is poking out of the top sometimes… Any fix for this????

  320. Hi Bish,

    As for paying for your time I completely understand. I think i might have asked more of a question that came off too complex.
    I was just wondering if there was a way to insert pics on the very top where the gray is.

    My next question was if there was a way to connect to my photos where you have “add a friend” ‘add to group”…..wondering if one of those can be “view my pics” and for everyone to be able to view my ablum.

    Thank you

  321. Hi I love your overlay .Do you think you can check out my myspce and let me know if it’s working?

    Thank you


  322. Will this overlay work for a myspace band profile? If not do you know where I could find an overlay that would work?

  323. Kicked my but a little, but i tweaked it to my liking. Thanks Ben!!!

  324. Thanks man, I appreciate you making this overlay freely available. I just joined Myspace a week or so ago, but it’s nice to see that not *every* layout is based off of glitter graphics – as I was beginning to suspect they all were. Anyway, thanks again. It’s been fun tweaking things.

  325. Heyy
    I LOVEE the layout, but i was wondering if it is possible to not hide my friends or my comments?

  326. Hi! I have been using myspace div overlays for some time. Although i am having trouble with a spreadsheet that i have recreated… i can not seem to put a generated fancy comment box on my layout tho. I paste the code (as i have done in past layouts) although with this layout my comment box will not appear at all (quite like invisible all together).

    Could this be due to the spreadsheet i am using? Any chance of over writing it so i am able to put a comment box in it.?

    In the original layout codes it has a written link “write a comment” although i deleted that section so i could have an actual comment box on my page.

    Needing advice and help! I really like my layout.. i dont wanna have to recreate it all again!

  327. eyy thanks for the layout
    i jus made a few adjusments so the layout would cover my old layout completely, but other than that its still the same.
    thanks again

  328. Hey man, i love the overlay but i wanna use this on my bands profile, how would i do it?

  329. how do i add a picture to the background and stretch it to fit the page? also how do i add a picture header to the top of the page? thanks, much appreciated..

  330. Hey. I love this layout, but I have a problem. The links at the top of the page won’t work for some reason. I put in my own friend ID, but they just don’t work. Any ideas?
    And thank you!

  331. add a picture header by making an image that has a width of 800 and a height of 280….save that image to or some other site like that….then go to the .header section in the about me code…..go to the background section and take out the “background-color=” part and add this: background-image: URL(“direct link to the image that was made”).

  332. “Thanks to Cmoney in the comments for bringing it to my attention. See my follow up comment for those who want to edit the single line of HTML…”

    Where can i find that line ??

  333. Hey man I implemented your code. Unfortunately my old profile is still showing for some reason. I have no clue how myspace is still showing my old profile when the code isn’t even there anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Also, how do you make your About Me, Interests tables longer if you want to add more content to these areas? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

  334. My old page is showing underneath the new layout. I’m not sure why. I guess if the width of the new layout is a little bit wider it would completely overlay the old one. It looks as if the new overlay isn’t aligned properly and it’s aligned towards the right. What is going on here?

  335. @branin

    Just looked at your page and it looks as though you have removed it. For anyone else who has this problem, it is probably the comments. Try deleting any wide comments.

  336. For some reason I have the overlay stuck in the about me section of the original myspace page…I have deleted everything…can someone please help….Crystal

  337. Oh and I luv the overlay btw…please please help me Im so frustrated… is showing all of the original myspace with the overlay stuck in the about me section…thank you…

  338. Hi, I really love this overlay… And I am trying to make it work. But I am really having a hard time figuring out this comments section. I have pasted my friendID where it says, but I am still getting the same response “blank comment” .. Also the sending a message button isn’t working either. Could you possibly take a look at it and let me know what I am doing wrong?
    Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

  339. Excellent layout. Just wondering how to put a image on the header. Thanks!

  340. Hi,
    First of all … thanks for the layout!!!
    i’m modifying it a little (graphics), is it possible to display “Friends” and “comments”
    on the same page?
    The site

  341. Your theme is very beautiful, but here is a bug with Firefox 3 RC1 (and maybe with Firefox 3 and more), you can check my profile, or yours, the old page is visible behind your theme.

    Kind regards,

  342. Hey wonderful job with this overlay I am diggin on it. But, I am having a problem loading a picture from photobucket into the content b box. I have absolutely no programming experience. Getting your overlay this far on my profile is in fact the first time I have done any code editing at all.

    The problem is every time I try to load the photo I end up having it not show up, or tile across the whole backgroung. I want it to be what is set to my profile picture and sit in the content b box below the interests and movies/music columns, to the left of the links.

    I’m also having issues with myspace redirecting one of my links back to myspace, but I feel that is their own proprietary horse$#!t and nothing you can hel me with.

    I’ve tried figuring out the picture thing from your other comments (to yoyo and ange) but have had no luck. Help would be appreciated much!

  343. Hey, the layout is great, it’s just that I can still see all the original modules and everything.

    I’m new to MySpace and I don’t understand step 4: “Alter all references of β€˜YOURFRIENDID’ with, yep you guessed it, your actual friend ID.”


  344. Bish, you are MEGA talented. I am working on trying to get this to work, but I would really like to put am Image Right Above my name in the first box. Also, Is there any way to add another colored box to match the ABOUT/VITALS Box Color but twice the length of the INTERESTS box, Just beneath the Interests box? I just want to create more space to display more info. Please let me know.

  345. Oh dear…looks like it wasn’t…

    Right…Bish, I have a problem with your layout…but let me first say that your layout is one of the NICEST that I came across.

    Simple and elegant!

    But I have problems with the links at the top…you know the SEND MESSAGE & other links?

    I tried removing the “amp;” and made sure that my FriendID is correct using the myspacegens you gave us somewhere above.

    I placed the code in…but myspace still converts it to those mplinks?

    Here’s what I placed into the html
    “ dID=376230651”
    -> To send a message

    “ iendID=376230651”
    -> add to friends

    “ p&friendID=376230651”
    -> add to group

    “ dID=376230651&f=forwardprofile”
    -> forward to friends

    “ ite&friendID=376230651&public=0”
    -> add to favourites

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  346. OH…forgot to add…

    I noticed that when I put my cursor over the send message links of other people’s profile….they have this “MYFRIENDTOKEN” and a lot of gibberish after that.

    Does this have any effect?

  347. @crystal, without providing a link I can not be sure what you mean.

    @chels, your profile is set to private so I can not view the profile to help.

    @john, the profile is made up of html and css. Place an image using html image tags or a background image in css. Try googling it.

    @lincoln, I have emailed you explaining that it is possible but this is how I make my money as a web designer.

    @Anthony Masure, thanks very much for letting me know. I haven’t had a change to fix it for FF3 which is not far away now. Will take a look hopefully this month.

  348. @Kevin, your profile is set to private.

  349. @SeΓ‘n, you can get your friendID from here

  350. @Shawn Michael Kirkbride, thanks a lot for the really kind words. The profile is made up of html and css so it is very possible to insert images and add additional boxes. For the image you could use an html image tag inside the header div in the html or use a background image, play around with both to see what’s the best solution for you. As I don’t know the image size its difficult to be sure.

    For the second box, just copy one of the sections and paste it again to have a second one. eg

    (everything in between)
  351. @Thien Kai Wei, myspace automatically changes all links in profiles to links. Its to deter spam accounts.

  352. Oh…

    If that’s the case…you are saying there is no way to get the SEND MESSAGE and other links above to work?

    I certainly hope not… πŸ™

  353. Bish,

    Again, Thanks for being so awesome about this. I added a tag as listed below:

    Shawn Michael Kirkbride

    But the Image still does not show. How can I correct this?

  354. Update: Just started using this overlay once again. Still loving it….

    Ide like to have the bid borders at the side in black any help? I also cant seem to change the font color to white for the content boxes.

  355. Bish, I have now added you as a friend on myspace, sorry about that. Not quite so easy for you to provide assistance if you cannot see what it is that I’m asking you to look at. Thanks much I appreciate it greatly.


  356. Bish,

    I’ve been having a great time customizing your overlay. I’m having trouble with excess space at the bottom of the page. Any ideas? Really appreciate any help.


  357. @Thien Kai Wei, no thats just the reason they get changed. What they get changed to shouldn’t break the links but if the original links are wrong then it wont work as msplinks.

  358. @Shawn Michael, I don’t see the code in your profile for any photos / images. Have you updated the code and then saved it properly. Which section did you add it to? the header?

  359. @Offx1, try changing the background color of the body. looks as though its set to white. With the color try setting the text color to white.

    looks great BTW.

  360. @kevin, thanks I can see your profile now. This is the simplest way to insert an image into the profile. Photobucket if I remember rightly even gives you the code to insert in your profile. Good luck.

  361. @desiderio, your profile is set to private I can not access it.

  362. hey bish. man, i love your design… very stylish and minimalistic…
    been looking to find something like this…i’m new to the whole myspace
    thing so i would need your help coz i got stuck… i’ve put in the codes in the edit profile in the about me section, and the gray template page is up… the only thing is that it overrides the middle sections of the options so i can’t access the ‘about me’ and i’ d like to meet’… i’m sure i did something wrong setting it up… what shall i do???? thanks heaps man…. j

  363. Alright, so…whenever someone goes to leave me a comment it shoots them to the all well known :

    Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

    This error has been forwarded to MySpace’s technical group.

    I have read all the comments regarding the comment problem but have made sure that everything is how you have it. I am almost to the point of just getting a comment box from another site. Do you think that you could help me out here?

  364. I was able to put a background image in the css part but instead, I’d like to put up a slideshow from RockYou or PhotoBucket but I don’t know the code for that.

    Does anyone know how to code it?

    Thank you!

  365. Oh, I want to place it in the .header part, where is says YOUR NAME and underneath MYSPACE


  366. Bish,

    I know you have heard this a million times but i love your CSS. Its just beautiful.
    But I am not the best at coding and have been having issues. I use Fire Fox 3, and Wasnt sure if you had any updates available for it, due to the fact you can still see a portion of the underlay. I also would like to have a display picture. I apologize for being fairly useless in this situation, but any words of wisdom would be much appreciated.


  367. Sorry i actually fixed part of the underlay. But now the CSS is set a little too high and overlaps the navigation bar.

  368. Hey does anyone know how to fix the firefox bug. My page looks awesome on explorer but something is not cool with firefox.

  369. Hi Bish! So I’m completely new at this… I’ve always used the “standard” MySpace layouts, but I found this one and have been working on customizing someone’s page for the past day or so. (You wouldn’t be able to tell by the looks of it! Lol.) I’m having issues with the navigation links up top. I made sure to include the friend id in each line and still, no luck. Some of them work, but the others are faulty. I noticed you have a Version 1.2 available to download. Where can I access it?

    Is there any reason why the layout looks perfect in IE, but is completely distorted when viewed in Mozilla?

    Thanks for your help, babe! Look forward to hearing from you! =D

  370. how do i add a friends list to your overlay?

  371. hi. how do i add a friends list to your overlay?

  372. I really wanted to try to do this by myself, but… I really don’t want to ruin my page with a player, so i’d like one song to play in the background once. I’ve tried so many different ways… help! I might even have the right code (I’ve tried many), I just don’t know where to stick it! lol

  373. thanks for the layout it is awesome but i am having trouble changing the color of the text on the small print and comment section. any help would be great.

  374. Excellent, we took it, modified it and mashed it up to fit our charity myspace page – take a look and let us know what you think?

    Is it possible to add a friend list box somehow? and possible a select few comments?

  375. Cool setup, I like how it can be more centered…I have a problem I have been unable to fix. My page is black and so I had to change all the text coloring to grey. I got it all but the text under Interests,Movies, and Linkages I cannot seem to find where to edit it. Can you help?

  376. Excellent layover. Absolutely brillant!

    I have one little problem though. The problem is the top box (header or whatever you all it). For some reason (and unlike the box is in front of the buttons at the top.

    See for your self:

    I have tried removing everything and using the clean code from the zip-file, but the result is the same.

    What can I do to fix this problem?

  377. I am trying to center my div overlay with the ads above it. I cant figure out how to make it do it correctly…could you help me please?

    my myspace is

  378. hey, i made a div layout for my band, but im not sure how to put the music player in. can anyone help?

  379. Hey I redid my page but none of the links work! Do you know whats wrong I looked at all the URLS and they’re all msplinks so I’m not exactly sure what to do but when anyone clicks on any of the links it just takes them to their home page! Any suggestions?

  380. hey,

    i followed the steps exactly, and the layout won’t show.
    the css isn’t working, it shows up under my about me section as ..

    help please !

  381. Can someone help? I got the overlay to show up, but I can’t figure out how to make it look right. I put the CSS into the CSS Box under “customize profile, and I put the html into the “About me” box under “edit profile”.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  382. What a write!! Very informative and easy to understand. Looking for more such posts!! Do you have a twitter or a facebook?
    I recommended it on stumbleupon. The only thing that it’s missing is a bit of speed, the pictures are appearing slowly. However thank you for this information.

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